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Tuition is broken down into 10 equal monthly payments, and is due the first week of each month. 

Example: a dancer who takes one Ballet class a week will owe $70 a month, but will come to Ballet each week. If that same dancer wants to take both Ballet and Tap, they will pay $110 per month and come to Ballet class once a week and Tap class once a week.

  • One time $25 registration fee per season.

  • Tuition is due by the first of each month.

  • $25 late fee if paid after the 10th of the month.

10% discount offered to anyone paying annually (all 10 months) up front.

5% discount offered to anyone paying for 6 months up front.

One - 30 min class 

$45 per month

One - 45/60 min class

$80 per month

Two classes

$125 per month

Three classes

$145 per month

Four classes

$165 per month

Five classes

$190 per month

Six classes

210 per month

Seven classes

$235 per month

Eight classes

$255 per month

Nine classes

$280 per month

Unlimited (10+)

$300 per month

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