We pride ourselves on offering the most variety of classes, and the highest level of training in the area.
We offer Beginner through Advanced levels for every style of dance, making sure everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of age or experience level. 
Class Descriptions


Ballet class focuses on technique, body alignment, flexibility, and more. It is the most traditional and classic style of dance, and is perfect for all ages and ability levels.

Ballet I - Beginner Ballet (Ages 6-10)

Ballet II - Beginner Ballet (Ages 10+)

Ballet III - Beg/Intermediate Ballet

Ballet IV - Intermediate Ballet

Ballet V - Int/Advanced Ballet

Ballet VI - Advanced Ballet


Hiphop is a fun and energetic style of dance. Dancers will learn rhythm, street dance fundamentals, and beginner breaking. 

HipHop I - Beginner HipHop (Ages 5-7)

HipHop II - Beginner HipHop (Ages 8-11)

HipHop III - Beg/Intermediate HipHop 

HipHop IV - Intermediate HipHop

HipHop V - Advanced HipHop


Musical Theater is a style of Jazz that focuses on being a character and performing to various pieces of music. Dancers will learn different characterizations and will learn various Broadway shows.

Musical Theater - Ages 8+


Tap focuses on making rhythm and sounds with your feet. Dancers will learn rhythm, musicality, and tap technique. 

Tap I - Beginner Tap (Ages 5-9)

Tap II/III - Intermediate Tap (Ages 10+)

Tap III/IV - Intermediate Tap (Ages 12+)

Tap IV - Intermediate/Advanced 

Tap V - Advanced Tap


Lyrical and Contemporary are the growing popular style of dance. Classes will help dancers with creativity, fluidity, and movement quality. 

Lyrical I - Beginner Lyrical (Ages 7-11)

Lyrical II - Beginner/Int Lyrical (Ages 11+)

Lyrical III/IV - Intermediate Lyrical

Lyrical IV - Intermediate/Adv. Lyrical

Lyrical V - Advanced Lyrical


Jazz class works on turns, leaps, and jumps for dance class. Jazz class will help dancers improve their strength, flexibility, and technique. All Jazz classes include flexibility and conditioning training. 

Jazz I - Beginner Jazz (Ages 5-11)

Jazz II/III - Beginner/Int. Jazz (Ages 8+)

Jazz IV - Intermediate Jazz 

Jazz V - Int/Advanced Jazz

Jazz VI - Advanced Jazz


A perfect class for new dancers! All Kinderdance classes will learn Ballet, Tap and Creative movement. 

Kinderdance I - Ages 2 and 3

Kinderdance II - Ages 3 and 4

Kinderdance III - Ages 4-6


We pride ourselves on offering the best tumbling program for any studio in the region. Students will learn strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills and techniques. 

*Tumbling classes are based off of skills, not ages. 

Intro To Tumbling - Ages 6-8

Beginner Tumbling - Ages 8+ 

Intermediate Tumbling - Working towards acheiving or perfecting Backhandsprings, Round-off Backhandsprings, and multiple connected Backhandsprings. Also working on getting and perfecting Aerials. 

Advanced Tumbling - Students must have Back Handsprings, Roundoff Handsprings, and/or an Aerial.