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Lizzy Howell


Lizzy Howell

Lizzy Howell is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Delaware. She is most known for  her stance on body image and body positivity in the dance world, and is a wonderful addition to the Fierce Dance Academy staff. 


Lizzy started dancing at the age of 5 and quickly grew to love it. It wasn't until Lizzy was a teen that she found her voice in the dance world. Lizzy trained under a variety of choreographers such as Andrew Winghart, and a 2 week intensive training with Francisco Gella on full scholarship.


As a dancer, Lizzy has had the pleasure of touring the country for shows like Eurovision in Israel, where she shared the stage with Madonna. She has been featured in commercials and campaigns for Adidas, Target, AT&T, Lange Bryant, Instagram, American Eagle, Capezio, and more; proving her statement that dancers can be any size and still be successful.  

In addition to her performances and commercials, Lizzy has been featured by photographer Jordan Matter, videos by Dhar Man, and on the popular television show "Undercover Boss." Most recently, Lizzy was featured in Teen Vogue magazine. In all instances, she shows the hardships that she has overcome as a plus size dancer. 

Lizzy brings a fresh and unique style to her Contemporary class, where she fuses HipHop and Contemporary dance together. Her choreography has received top scores, overall placements, encore performance nominations, special awards at Competitions.


In addition to her dynamic and innovative classes, Lizzy hopes to inspire the future generation of dancers. She hopes to continue to change the face of the dance world, and we are so excited to bring her inspiration and body positivity to our classes.

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