Competition Team auditions

Saturday, August 29th

Ages 4-10: 9am - 10am

Ages 11-18: 9am-1pm

Are you looking for an unforgettable learning experience? Our team travels across the US to experience some of the top training in the country. Our dancers are exposed to dance professionals in all styles of dance, helping them grow as dancers, performers, and most of all as humans. 

We will be traveling to 3 regional cities (and the option for more), as well as 1 Nationals! 

Audition Process:

Dancers should arrive by 8:45am dressed to impress in dance clothes of your choice.

Hair should be neatly styled away from the face! 

We will begin by taking photos for each dancer to use to announce our team!

We will also take measurements of everyone to use to order our team costumes.

Dancers ages 4-10 will audition in Turns/Leaps/Jumps, Jazz and HipHop!

Dancers ages 11 and up will audition in Turns/Leaps/Jumps, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, HipHop, and Contemporary!


Dancers will audition in EVERY STYLE. If you are not good at a certain style, it will not hinder your chances of making the team. Teachers will choose dancers for their pieces based on who fits each dance the best. 


Dancers will be notified that night on whether or not they have made the team, and which dances they have made. 

Dancers will have 24 hours to accept or decline their position on the team.


Questions about our team?