At Fierce, we pride ourselves on inclusivity, and promote and encourage dancers to feel comfortable in confident in themselves. We are one of the only studios in the region without a dress code! We allow dancers to wear any type of dance clothes for all classes with the exception of Ballet.  This allows dancers to feel confident and comfortable in themselves, and helps promote positive body image. 


Check out our list below for suggestions on what to wear, what shoes your dancer will need, and more information regarding what to wear for each class! 

What to Wear


What to Wear


    • For Acro class, dancers will be going upside down, and will need to be spotted for certain skills. We request that dancers wear the following to help keep them safe!

      • Bare feet required. NO SOCKS.

      • Leotard with leggings or shorts is recommended

      • Form fitting tops, sports bra, or leotard to keep dancers covered while going upside down.


    • Ballet Dress Code: Click the link below.



    • Dancers are welcome to wear anything comfortable for HipHop class! 

    • Sneakers - please purchase shoes exclusively for the studio to help prevent dirt, germs, etc. from coming into the classroom.  


    • Dancers will work on technique, body placement etc. in Jazz class. For this reason, form fitting attire for Jazz is required.  

    • Leotards/leggings, form fitting tops, sports bras etc. are suggested to help with proper body placement and lines.

    • Bare feet or skin tone jazz shoes​. Skin tone jazz shoes can be purchased at "The Dancer's Dressing Room" in Newark, DE.

    • NO "Pirouettes" or "Foot Undies" please.​


    • Dancers in Kinderdance classes will need the following

      • Leotard (any color or style) and pink or skin tone tights

      • Tutus and skirts are not sold at the studio, but are encouraged and welcomed! We love to see all of our littles in their tutus!

      • Ballet shoes

      • Tap Shoes - black

    • We offer our "Kinderdance Package" for $70 in the studio!

      • Our package includes: leotard, tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes! Contact us for information and to check sizing.


    • Dancers may wear anything comfortable for Lyrical/Contemporary. 

    • NO JEANS.

    • Bare feet or dance socks

      • NO "foot undies" or ​"pirouettes"

  • TAP:

  • PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique):

    • Option 1:

      • Leotard

      • Convertible tights (bare feet) or leggings

      • Bare feet

    • Option 2:

      • Form fitting white tank top/t-shirt

      • Black ballet tights or tight pants (no shorts)

      • Bare feet

    • Hair pulled back off the face. Dancers will be laying on their backs, so a high bun/ponytail is recommended!

    • Equipment list: Dancers will need everything from this list aside from a Bosu ball: