online training

Check out all of the online options to help you during the COVID-19 Quarantine.

online classes:

Check out all of our online training options for our social distancing break! 

Download the Zoom app (here) to join in to our virtual classes and interact with your teachers and classmates!

Use code: 221-512-1007  and password: FIERCE to join in all of our online classes for FREE!

monday, APRIL 6th through Saturday, april 11th

Private lessons:

$15 per 30 minute lesson

Download the free ZOOM app (link here for virtual private lessons with Fierce staff.

If  you are using a laptop, you do not need to download the app!

After downloading the ZOOM app, please contact Miss Ashley - to set-up your virtual private lessons, or to ask any questions regarding the virtual lessons.
Available in ALL styles of dance.