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Julie Marandola


Julie Marandola has been with Fierce since we opened in 2013. Julie has trained with Miss Ashley since she began dancing at age 5, and has grown up in Fierce Dance Academy. She began teaching alongside Miss Ashley since 2013, and we are so excited to watch her branch out and teach her own classes. 

Miss Julie has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and has been student teaching since she was 13. Miss Julie is very popular as an assistant teacher, and is known for inspiring and encouraging dancers of all ages and abilities. 

As a dancer, Julie is known for her grace, work ethic, and determination. She has taken home numerous titles at Competition, top ten placements, and a variety of scholarships. Julie is an incredible dancer, but more importantly she is a great teammate.

We are so excited to watch Julie take over her own classes, and watch her continue to inspire the next generation of Fierce dancers. 

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