At Fierce, we prioritize the health, safety and well being of all dancers at all times and fully recognize that the pandemic is not over. Our staff and instructors take COVID-19 seriously, and we have many safety precautions in place to prevent the virus from spreading. Since re-opening after COVID shutdowns in 2020, we have had ZERO reported cases of COVID-19 spread in the studio. This is still the case in 2021, even with the new variants.


due to capacity requirements, only one parent/guardian is permitted in the studio with dancers.

  • All Fierce Dance Academy instructors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • All equipment (barres, yoga blocks, mats, etc.) will be wiped down after each use.

  • The classroom will be sanitized and/or cleaned between each class with a CDC approved cleaner.

  • Students must wear a face mask at all times.

  • Instructors must wear a face mask at all times.

  • HEPA air filtration units have been installed in all classrooms!

* updated August 2021