Our Competition Team is composed of dancers ages 4-18!

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"Winning is amazing, but training is everything" - Joe Tremaine

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch training, regardless of whether dancers wish to have a career in dance or not.  While our team has received an astonishing amount of awards and recognition, to us that isn't what is most important. 

Our team is learning and growth focused, not focused solely on winning awards.

We work hard, and  certainly challenge our kids, but teach them the importance of growing as people and as dancers vs. the importance of winning a trophy. 

Our team represents through powerful and meaningful choreography at both the regional and national levels. We pride ourselves on upholding creativity and artistry while displaying age-appropriate and professional material. Our dancers and choreographers have been recognized by top professionals in the industry, and our instructors have been praised for their age appropriate, creative and professional pieces.


  • Flexibility in commitment level. Dancers can choose how many regional competitions and conventions they attend based on their level of commitment and cost. 
  • Full team conventions. We pride ourselves on exposing our team to the leaders in the dance industry. For that reason, we attend convention/competitions as a full team, in addition to offering additional opportunities to attend more conventions with members of their team. 
  • Fully inclusive. Our team is FULLY inclusive to everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, size, disabilities, etc. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams as a competitive dancer. We make sure that all songs, dance concepts, choreography and costumes fit this belief. 
  • Family first. At Fierce, we STRONGLY believe in the importance of raising good people as well as raising good dancers. We put a large emphasis on professionalism, teamwork, and a family friendly environment. We believe that competitions should be a fun learning experience, and strongly disagree with competition between other members on the team as well as competition between other studios. Because of this philosophy, our students an instructors have made professional connections and friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Learning vs. winning. Our team attends respected and established Competitions and Conventions such as DanceMakers Inc, Break the Floor Productions, Radix, Revel Dance Convention, and more. This exposes our students and dancers to top professionals in the industry, and stresses our studio's "learning first" and professionalism philosophy.

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608 E Basin Rd, New Castle, DE 19720, USA